S8: Extra Resources

Here is a collection of resources and readings you may find helpful.  Below “General UX Resources” is a list of different design-related terms relevant to UX design. You will likely hear these terms in the future, very possibly from potential employers. When we talk about design, we are often talking about the entire process rather … Continue reading S8: Extra Resources


2020 Summer Schedule: Colour Lecture In-class Exercise Optional Demo Colour A 3-Dimensional representation of colour Test your eye for colour! Color.method.ac This one is also fun, X-Rite, Hue Test Colour Schemes, Briefly Remeber that this schemes can also exist for different brightness and saturations. How can we think of colour schemes in a 3-dimensional space? Adobe … Continue reading CEIE110–S4–Colour

S11: Work Period

Pizza? PollEv.com/gabew960 Final Project Deliverable The student will have about 5 minutes each for their presentation and  4 minutes for feedback. Begin with your intentions and research, but focus the presentation more on how the grid system works and your design decisions (typography, image, etc.). For the final project submission, include in a digital presentation … Continue reading S11: Work Period

CEIL101–S7–Clipping Masks, Patterns and Brushes

Schedule: Overview Demo Work time Topics & Overview In the next two classes, I want to give each student one on one time to review the programs, both Illustrator and/or Photoshop and the in-class assignments. Review the blogs, demos, or in-class exercises. What do you want to review? Overall interface of Photoshop or Illustrator Specific … Continue reading CEIL101–S7–Clipping Masks, Patterns and Brushes