CEPD210-S6-Client Relationships and Form

  Professional Behaviour (Talent, p. 269) Guidelines for daily business interaction tend to include such things as: Showing respect towards other designers in fair and open competition Being honest in describing your professional experience and competencies Avoiding any type of conflict of interest Acquainting yourself with each client’s business and providing honest and impartial advice … Continue reading CEPD210-S6-Client Relationships and Form

CEPD210–S4–Estimating, Scheduling, Risks

Schedule A brief recap of the design project and last class. Resource Estimating Scheduling Techniques Risks (Optional: Next class’s lecture or Work period) The Design Project Today’s lecture is paraphrased from Project Management by Adrienne Watt. It is an open textbook and free to download from BC Open Textbooks. Supplemental information can also be found from Shel Perkins, … Continue reading CEPD210–S4–Estimating, Scheduling, Risks

CEPD210–Promotional Plans, Project Management

Promotion Program This information is mostly taken from Shel Perkins’ book “Talent is not enough” Choose an appropriate mix of promotional activities ( such as personal selling, advertising, publicity, and public relations)for communication with your target market. Put together a promotions program that is as diverse as you can manage. Components for creative firms: 1. … Continue reading CEPD210–Promotional Plans, Project Management