CEIL101–S4–Vector Images and Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Schedule: Attendance Vector Graphics Adobe Illustrator Workspace Drawing Shapes Topics Vector graphics: Shapes, Fills and Strokes, effects Glossary: bounding boxes, anchor points, … Adobe Illustrator Workspace: Artboard Menu bar (Create New) Tool Bar, Selection Tool, Direct Selection tool, Shapes, Shapebuilder, Colours Panels Alignment tools Properties Artboard Layers Stroke (Options) Swatches and Colour Transparency Type Vector … Continue reading CEIL101–S4–Vector Images and Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

CEIL101–S3–Brushes, Textures and Adjustments

Today’s Topics 1. Using the Brush Tool Downloading and Adding Brushes Creating painting layers Using the Brush Tool Painting inside selections 2. Using Textures Finding textures and resolution Copying them into the file Layer Blending Modes, Multiply, Screen, and Overlay Layer Opacity 3. Adjustment Layers Creating Adjustment Layers, Levels, Hue-Saturation, Black and White Introduction to Masks … Continue reading CEIL101–S3–Brushes, Textures and Adjustments