Schedule 20 min: Attendance, Class Introductions 20 min: Syllabus 40 min: Lecture, Introduction to Layout 1 hr: Introductory Exercise 30 min: Project 1 and Homework Course Outline/Syllabus cede-210-layout-design-and-the-static-image-wong-s001 cede-210-layout-design-and-the-static-image-wong-s002 What are the learning outcomes? This graphic describes how the content of this course is organised and how it all fits together. Does the transition between the layouts in the second row … Continue reading CEDE210–S1-Introduction

CEIL101–S5–Vector Images and Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Schedule: Attendance Vector Graphics Adobe Illustrator Workspace Drawing Shapes Topics Vector graphics: Shapes, Fills and Strokes, effects Glossary: bounding boxes, anchor points, … Adobe Illustrator Workspace: Artboard Menu bar (Create New) Tool Bar, Selection Tool, Direct Selection tool, Shapes, Shapebuilder, Colours Palettes (Alignment tools, Layers Properties Artboard Layers Stroke (Options) Swatches and Colour Transparency Type … Continue reading CEIL101–S5–Vector Images and Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

CEIL101–S4–Printing and Adjustments

Class Schedule Introduction, 15 minutes Printing Demo, Adjustment Layers, Colour Range, 30 minutes Work Period, Finalizing image and adjusting, 90–100 minutes Printed Image discussion, 30 minutes Topics Covered Printing Adjustments Layers, Grouping Layers Colour Range tool Image Discussion Introduction In this class, we will be discussing the printing process for an illustration. This is especially important … Continue reading CEIL101–S4–Printing and Adjustments

CEIL101–S3-Collage, Selection and Masks

Schedule Attendance and Check In (Image discussion next class) Demo One on one time Class Textures Google Drive Files to download: Collage Tutorial 1 Optional Tutorials 2 Rabbit Vector Other resources Clipart and Textures Topics: Selection Using Shapes Moving between documents Selecting using the lasso, including polygonal Cutting and Pasting into Masks Layers, Adjustments (Hue/Sat.), … Continue reading CEIL101–S3-Collage, Selection and Masks